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I can help ease your entire buying process. I listen to understand you & your family’s prorities and can help guide you to the perfect home!

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Hire an agent that knows your preferred area

If you’re searching for a home I believe it is crucial to hire an agent that has lived in the neighbourhood you want to live in. Any agent can look up home prices, statistic and past sales. But not all agents can tell you about the nice streets, the streets that get busy during school times, or about the parks, green areas in the area or school boundaries for each school.

I have lived in the East end of Ottawa my entire life and specifically in Beacon Hill for over 20 years. I can guide you not only through the neighbourhood but I’m also familiar with all the different types of homes in the area, single family homes, townhomes, terrace homes etc.

Buying a home is a BIG deal

I understand that this is one of the biggest purchases you will make in your life. I take my role very seriously and I’m committed to giving you the same attention and care I would if I were buying the home myself.

How does the buying process work?

  1. Determine if we are a good fit to work together. We can meet in person or on Zoom. We can discuss your goals, your needs, your timelines and your priorities. I think it’s important to work with someone that compliments your personality and values.
  2. Discuss your mortgage and budget details. A pre-approval from a bank or mortgage broker will be needed before we can look at homes. We can then discuss your max limit that feels comfortable for you. TIP: Spend the amount you are comfortable paying every month for your mortgage (often lower than the max amount you’re approved for).
  3. Set up an email search that notify you when listings come up in your desired area. You are emailed as soon as it hits the market and you are also sent updates (sold, conditional). This starts to give you a real sense of the market. TIP: I recommend you ask to be added to this search well in advance of being ready to buy a home.
  4. Sign a Buyer Representation Agreement. This is an agreement that states that I will be representing you as a buyer client.
  5. Go see homes. We have discussions of what you liked and didn’t like after every showing. We tweak our search as we go and we go see as many homes as it takes.
  6. Submit an offer. When you see THE one, I will do my research and talk to the selling agent to get as much info as possible. Then we talk strategy and what to offer with what conditions if any. I guide you through all the paperwork. We repeat this process until an offer is accepted.
  7. I follow up with the lawyer a couple weeks before closing and make sure all is on track.
  8. Final Walk through. Two weeks before closing we go for a final walk through of the property and make sure it is in the same conditions as our original showing.
  9. Closing day arrives and the house is officially yours!!

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